The Dressmaker, Revenge In A Pretty Way

Having annoying neighbors is a headache especially if they like to gossip behind our backs. How to take revenge on them?

The Dressmaker (2015) is an Australian comedy-drama film based on the novel of the same name by Rosalie Ham written and directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse. The 118-minute Film was released on October 29, 2015 and stars such famous actors and actresses as Kate Winslet, Judy Davis, Liam Hemsworth, Hugo Weaving and others.

The Dressmaker Movie

The Dressmaker is set in the 1950s in Australia. After decades, Myrtle “Tilly " Dunnage returns to the rural Victorian town of Dungatar to care for Molly, her ailing mother. There, Tilly also unearths information about herself who is considered cursed. Something she didn't understand that made her leave her homeland.

When she first appears, Tilly makes a scene at a sports match. She wears a beautiful red dress and then changes into a dazzling black one. The match was successfully won by their team and all cheered happily.

People noticed Tilly when she managed to turn Gertrude "Truddy" Pratt, The Ugly Duckling into a Beautiful Swan with a beautiful dress. I think, she wears breathable shapewear for summer so that she can shape her body. After that, people in her village started ordering clothes on Tilly. Her own sewing skills were introduced by her mother and further honed while working in Paris.

Not only in this movie, I think being a woman is a lot of homework. We are required to look perfect. Belly button? Oh, of course this will be our shortfall. That's why we need to wear body shaping clothes or shapewear.

Summer with a lot of clothes on the body will be uncomfortable. But we also need to look beautiful. Then we should choose shapewear that is not too tight and made of nylon or cotton so that it can absorb moisture and air flow more easily we accept. We should also avoid corsets with too much fabric and heavy. This way, we can still look sexy and confident.

Everyone slowly starts to like Tilly, forgetting what ever happened in the past. They look beautiful in a kind of dress with built in shapewear, stylized as models on the catwalk. And of course not everyone was happy with that including Una Pleasance, a designer who cames at the invitation of Evan Pettyman, someone quite influential there.

Tilly is dumped, but manages to charm again when Gertrude asks her to makes a wedding dress to wears at her wedding with William. I think, she can also wears a shaping swimsuit if she wants. Tilly managed to make everyone look different with the results of her design because it adjusts the shape of each body, according to what is desired.

During the wedding season, we can wear shapewear that can slim the stomach so that the clothes and body look good. There are many types of corsets that we can choose from. Like high-waisted shorts, one-piece styles and even shapewear that allow us to wear dresses with high leg slits. So let's find the type of corset that suits our body and clothes.

Do you really like Tilly?

Of course not. The past is now revealed and people believe more in what they believe. Tilly became a suspect in the death of a child named Stewart Pettyman. Even more surprising, as a child Tilly was the victim of bullying, not only by children, but adults in her village as well. Is it possible she did that? How will she take revenge? The answer please find out by watching The Dressmaker movie.

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14 komentar

  1. menarik nih filmnya, walau film lama tapi saya belum pernah nonton. Mengusung tema dunia fashion, dikemas dengan ada intriknya juga

  2. Aku tuh suka deh lihat gaya para perempuan zaman dulu karena dengan touch of vintage ini bikin kitanya terlihat berkarakter. Aku belum nonton filmnya tapi jadi penasaran ini sama ceritanya.

  3. Filmnya unik
    Membahas soal fashion
    Pas buat para fashionista ini ya mbak
    Aku jadi pengen nonton juga

  4. Seneng liat wanita pake shapewear karena anggun dan seksi, berkelas gitu, sayang body ku gak mendukung kalp pake shapewear hihi... filmnya nampaknya bagus tapi sayang aku gak berlangganan prime

  5. One of my fav movie!!! Keren banget ini Dressmaker. Nonton sudah bertahun-tahun lalu dan nggak bosan.
    The way she make her revenge to those people is awesome, LOL.
    Tapi sayang pacarnya meninggal, huhu.

  6. Because Tilly's smart in choosing clothes, it is possible that a body that previously lacked its shape will be covered with a beautiful dress and become perfect because it uses something that suits the shape of a woman's body.

  7. menariikkk bgt iniii
    aku lagi butuh tayangan kyk giniii
    kapan2 mau pantengiinnnn

  8. Ini ceritanya balas dendam melalui gaya berpakaian, gitu kah? Anyway, shapewear itu memang banyak membantu kita dalam berpenampilan. Misal pas pakai kebaya gitu, ya.. Pake korset yang panjang banget itu kan engap dan repot banget. Sedangkan kalau pakai shapewear tu bahannya enak, praktis pula ngga perlu dibantu orang lain buat pake.

  9. I think I just heard or read a review about this old film now
    wearing shapewear for those who have confidence is a gift
    but for me, I'm not confident enough to use it

  10. Pinter-pinternya milih dan make baju yaa.. hihihi.
    Menarik nih kayaknya filmnya, berlatar dunia fashion tapi ada intrik-intriknya gitu ya?

  11. Ahh ini film favorit, aku baru dua kali nonton Dressmaker. Suka dengan tema film yang tokohnya perempuan dengan tingkat pede akut, hihihi. Apalagi yang jadi aktrisnya Kate Winslet, cantik dan cerdas memerankan karakter perempuan usia matang. Dia pakai outfit apa aja cocok, sampai jadi panutan seluruh desa

  12. Aku belum pernah nontonnya, tapi melihat reviewnya menarik juga buat ditonton mba. Aku langsung cari, bikin nonton langsung juga. Apalagi artis-artisnya keren ini.

  13. Jadi penasaran nonton filmnya soalnya ngasih ilmu tentang fashion terutama wedding dress. Kadang itu gaun yang keliatan bagus tapi ternyata ga cocok sama kita ga fit sama tinggi dan bentuk badan atau kontur muka makanya kalo ke designer pasti mahal karena yang dibuat yang kita banget

  14. Baca review ini aku malah salfok sama shapewearnya mba. Kayaknya aku juga perlu deh, hehehe

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