Useful Tips And Tricks From Semalt On How To Block Fake Traffic And Bots


Statistics shows that more than 36% of traffic driven to a site is fake. For the past few months, fake traffic and bot traffic have led to the downfall of many online businesses. According to pros, bots, web spiders, and fake traffic are mostly generated by malicious codes and scripts created by hackers and spammers.

Fake traffic is a key aspect that has been skewing online businesses data. In most cases, fake traffic, web spiders, and internal traffic increase your traffic by 50%, thereby distorting your Google Analytics report. It can be very intimidating to realize that 350 out of your 580 visitors were fake traffic and bots. Here are few tricks by Julia Vashneva, the Semalt Senior Customer Success Manager, on GoBack how to block fake traffic, known bots, and web spiders from your Google Analytics:

  • Open your browser and start your GA account
  • Click the 'All Website Data' icon to have a view of your Google Analytics data
  • On top of your page tabs, check and tap the 'Admin' icon
  • Click on the third column of your account and click on 'View Settings'
  • Scroll down your GA and select on the 'Bot Filtering' section
  • Click on 'Exclude all hits known spiders and bots' icon
  • Tap on 'Save' button at the right bottom of your screen
  • Click the arrow on your website name to proceed

Tips on how to block a range of IP address

Blocking your IP address is of utmost importance when it comes to search engine optimization. Here are few steps that will help you to cope with this task:

  • Start your browser and log into your GA account
  • Select the 'All Website Data' icon to have a look at your site's data
  • Tap on 'Admin' button located on top of your page
  • Tap on 'All Filters' icon
  • Click on the 'Add a new filter' button to create a new view
  • Using another browser, start the Google program
  • Search for your IP address and copy the address
  • Take a look back at your GA account, and set 'Predefined' as your filter type
  • Click the 'Destination' icon
  • Paste your IP address in the box provided and tap the 'Add Box' button
  • Click on 'Save' button to exclude your IP address

Tips on how to block other fake traffic web spiders and bots

Blocking web spiders and fake traffic entails commitment and vigilance. You don't want your online business to face stiff competition and your converting keyword ranking low in the algorithms. Here are tips on how to block fake traffic and referrers like buttons-for-website spam or Darodar:
  • Start your GA account and login
  • Create a new filter view
  • Add the referrer name to be blocked
  • Set 'Custom' as the filter type and 'Referral' as the filter field
  • Enter the filter pattern in .com format
  • Click on the 'Save' button to exclude all known bots and web spiders from your GA statistics
Acquiring clean and accurate data from your Google Analytics report is one aspect implying that you are executing sustainable search engine optimization. Don't let fake traffic, bots, and web spiders skew with your data. Block fake traffic by using the above-highlighted tricks.

See you later. Happy blogging!
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